Teachings from the Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood Ashram of Ascended Masters to support 
your personal ascension into the New Golden Age of Light.

My channelled drawing of an angel of love.

Dear ones.  We are the angels of love, who step forward to offer you of our angelic loving vibration to soothe any stress that you may be experiencing on the earth. 

The angels of love can be called upon when you wish to anchor more love within yourself, raising your love quotient of your soul, and to pour angelic love into a situation, that needs loving protection, and loving support to guide all involved.

Channelled by Pamela
Accepting your psychic abilities - channelled meditation.
Ascension Awakenings with Archangel Raphael
A message from the Guardian Angels for you all below x
A selection of spirit guide portraits that I offer as a service.  with a small paragraph message.  Or a full channelled reading from that spirit guide.  Order in webstore. x
Video/Meditation with Lord Buddha.  Anchoring the planetary white ray into your being.
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Welcome to my website 

Hello.  I am Pamela, a qualified Special Needs and disability support worker, Swimming Teacher and Cake baker/decorater.

I work full time, but continue to share my channelling and healing knowledge with my business Radiant Earth Academy of Light

I have diploma certification in channelling, mediumship, healing, massage, refelxology, crystal healing, colour healing and other natural therapies and am a spiritual author.

I Provide Accredited/certified Diploma courses of a spiritual development and therapeutic nature.  And offer ascension mp3 channelled meditations.

There are many channelled video's to listen to, and provide of a free beginner channelling and automatic writing course.















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  • "I feel so very blessed to have been guided to this site - Pamela is a beautiful being inside out & a pure light! - her videos and meditations are transformational. Much apprec..."
    Johanne K, Los Angeles California

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